FortiGate-60F-Advanced Malware...

    FortiGate-60F-Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) with Antivirus and Sandbox Service on the Nube


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    Advanced malware protection with antivirus, mobile malware detection, and Sandbox service in the FortiGate Nube .

    Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) includes antivirus, mobile malware detection, and FortiGate's Nube Sandbox service. This product offers a s effective defense against cyber threats, ensuring the security of your devices and data. Antivirus efficiently detects and blocks known and unknown viruses, while mobile malware detection protects your smartphones and tablets against harmful apps. In addition,s, FortiGate's Nube Sandbox service scans suspicious files in an isolated environment, providing an extra layer of protection. Explore more s about this leading security solution today!

    FortiGate-60F-Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) including Antivirus, Mobil

    Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) including Antivirus, Mobile Malware and FortiGate Cloud Sandbox Service
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