FortiAnalyzer Cloud: Centralized...

    FortiAnalyzer Cloud: Centralized logging and analysis based on nube


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    FortiAnalyzer Cloud is an advanced centralized logging and analysis solution based on nube. It includes all FortiGate log types, the IOC service, the Security Automation Service, and the FortiGuard Outbreak Detection Service.

    FortiAnalyzer Cloud is a powerful and secure platform for centralized logging and analysis based on nube. It enables organizations to efficiently manage and analyze logs generated by FortiGate appliances. With the ability to include all FortiGate log types, the IOC service for advanced threat detection, the security automation service for improved incident response, and the FortiGuard outbreak detection service, security teams can gain a complete view of the network's security posture. FortiAnalyzer Cloud offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to search, filter, and analyze logs, as well as generate detailed reports. The solution also provides automated alerts for s faster threat detection and response. Discover the power of centralized logging and nube -based analytics with FortiAnalyzer Cloud.

    FortiGate-80F-FortiAnalyzer Cloud: cloud-Based central logging & analytics

    FortiAnalyzer Cloud: cloud-Based central logging & analytics. Include All FortiGate log types, IOC Service, Security Automation Service and FortiGuard Outbreak Detection Service.
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