Switch TPLINK de escritorio de 8...
    Switch TPLINK de escritorio de 8...
    Switch TPLINK de escritorio de 8...

    Switch TPLINK de escritorio de 8 puertos a 10 / 100Mbps con PoE en 4 puertos NO administrable


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    Switch TPLINK PoE de escritorio de 8 puertos a 10/100 Mbps con PoE de 4 puertos, 4 puertos PoE de 10/100 Mbps, 4 puertos no PoE de 10/100 Mbps, 802.3af, PoE de 41 W, carcasa de acero para escritorio, Modo extendido para transmisión PoE de 250 m, modo de prioridad para Port1-2, Plug and Play


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    TP-Link TL-SF1008LP switch No administrado Fast Ethernet (10/100) Energía sobre Ethernet (PoE) Negro

    Dispositivo de redes

    Professional Fast Ethernet Switch with 4 PoE Ports
    Plug and Play, with PoE Transmission for Surveillance up to 250 m

    Dedicated 4-Port PoE Switch (41 W Budget) for Numerous Applications
    Compliance with the 802.3af PoE standard supports up to 15.4 W on each PoE port. The total 41 W PoE power budget* for the 4× PoE ports opens up a wide range of applications, such as surveillance for offices, dormitories, and small businesses. It is fully compatible with IP cameras, access points, IP phones, computers, printers, and more.

    Priority Video
    Quality Guaranteed

    Quality of sensitive applications like video monitoring in critical business areas is guaranteed by offering higher priority options for ports 1–2 when one-touch Priority Mode is on.

    Intelligent Power Management
    When total power consumption exceeds 41 W, the intelligent power management will cut the lower priority port power. This ensures the high priority port’s power supply and protects the device from power overload. It also automatically detects and provides the required power for your PoE devices while protecting your PoE and non-PoE equipment from being damaged.

    Durable Metal Casing
    The interior components of TL-SF1008LP are protected by high-quality metal casing to ensure a long product life. Having passed an array of stringent reliability tests, TL-SF1008LP delivers switching performance you can depend on.

    Caracteristicas Generales
    • No administrado
    • Cantidad de puertos básicos de conmutación RJ-45 Ethernet: 8
    • Tabla de direcciones MAC: 2000 entradas Capacidad de conmutación: 1,6 Gbit/s
    • Energía sobre Ethernet (PoE)
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