16GB TRUDDR4 2933MHZ (1RX4 1.2V) RDIMM
    16GB TRUDDR4 2933MHZ (1RX4 1.2V) RDIMM

    16GB TRUDDR4 2933MHZ (1RX4 1.2V) RDIMM


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    16GB TRUDDR4 2933MHZ (1RX4 1.2V) RDIMM


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    Velocidad Procesador

    2.9 GHz

    Memoria Ram

    1 x 16 GB
    16 GB

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    Lenovo 4ZC7A08707 módulo de memoria 16 GB 1 x 16 GB DDR4 2933 MHz

    Módulos de memoria

    ThinkSystem TruDDR4 Memory delivers trusted, tested, quality, performance, and reliability throughout the ThinkSystem portfolio. We use the highest quality industry-standard memory components sourced from Tier 1 DRAM suppliers. Only memory that meets these strict requirements are selected for TruDDR4 Memory. It is then compatibility tested and tuned on every ThinkSystem server to maximize reliability.

    High Performance Memory

    Lenovo offers high-performance and high-capacity memory options in ThinkSystem servers.

    Persistent Memory

    Lenovo ThinkSystem servers configured with Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory transforms the memory/storage hierarchy enabling faster insights from data. This breakthrough technology delivers large capacity, high speed, affordable memory with data persistence and advanced encryption capabilities. These DDR4 compatible modules significantly increase the capacity of available system memory, keeping more hot data closer to the CPU, and enabling greater operational efficiency by processing larger data sets with more user instances.

    3DS RDIMMs

    To meet the ever increasing demand for higher density server memory modules, Lenovo offers 3DS (3 Dimensional Stacked) DDR4 RDIMMs which apply TSV (Through Silicon Via) technology from our partnership with a leading Tier 1 DRAM supplier. The new TSV 3DS stack technology enables higher density DRAM stack packages with higher operational frequency and reduced power consumption. The RDIMM configuration along with 3DS TSV DRAM packages exhibits performance benefits and lower power consumption over alternative high density solutions to ultimately provide the lowest TCO for data centers.

    Performance+ Memory

    Memory intensive workloads needing a competitive advantage will benefit from Lenovo’s Performance+ memory. Lenovo engineers worked in partnership with leading memory suppliers to develop and tune ThinkSystem servers enabling them to exceed the latest industry standard for memory performance. Lenovo’s Performance+ memory delivers increased bandwidth and lower latency at 2933 MHz with memory all channels fully populated.

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