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Ups trifasica de 10 kva
Ups trifasica de 10 kva
Ups trifasica de 10 kva
Ups trifasica de 10 kva
Ups trifasica de 10 kva

Ups trifasica de 10 kva


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Accesorios Incluidos


Con Indicador Led


Con Botón De Encendido/apagado


Denominacion De Voltaje

10.000 WATTS

Nivel Máximo De Ruido


Método De Selección De Entrada Bivolt


Rango De Voltaje De Entrada

120V / 208 127V / 220 V

Rango De Estabilizacion De Salida


Potencia Pico


Potencia Nominal





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Tripp Lite S3M10K2B sistema de alimentación ininterrumpida (UPS) Doble conversión (en línea) 10 kVA 10000 W

Sistemas de alimentación ininterrumpidas (UPS)

Battery Backup and VFI Operation Protect Critical Loads
The SmartOnline® S3M10K2B IGBT UPS supports the continuous availability of your most important operational and IT equipment loads through all power conditions, providing a compact backup power platform that’s easy to manage and inexpensive to operate. Sophisticated voltage- and frequency-independent (VFI) operation and advanced IGBT rectifier technology with DSP control deliver reliable output power quality. Providing up to 10kVA/kW of clean, continuous power, this 3-phase UPS system is ideally suited for critical applications in banking, education, healthcare, government and manufacturing sectors.

Best-in-Class Footprint for Easy Integration into Your Network Application
The UPS market’s smallest footprint for 3-phase 208V systems lets you install the S3M10K2B in spaces that would otherwise have required expensive retrofitting. By achieving its compact size without compromising runtime, reliability or functionality, the S3M10K2B is recommended for data centers, colocation facilities and edge computing environments that require high efficiency, high performance and clean, reliable power protection, while preserving as much space as possible for revenue-generating server racks.

Efficient Operation and Design Reduces Cost of Ownership
ENERGY STAR 2.0-certified technology provides high operational efficiency to save on utility and cooling costs, as well as protect the environment. This UPS achieves up to 94% efficiency in double-conversion mode and up to 98% in ECO mode, reducing your power and cooling costs. Unity output power factor (1.0) lets you support more equipment. A low THDi (<1%) improves generator compatibility. A low THDv (≤1%) and active power factor correction with DSP control improve output performance. The hardware and firmware platform design reduces the number of unique boards, improving mean time to repair (MTTR) and resulting in reduced downtime. Automatic and maintenance bypass transfer UPS load to utility power during faults, overloads and maintenance, which also avoids costly system downtime.

Supplies Reliable Battery Backup with Expandable Runtime Options
Two internal battery modules provide 22 minutes of support at half load and nine minutes at full load with zero transfer time. Adding external battery cabinets, such as BP24V09K and BP240V09 (sold separately), provides extended runtime and supports critical loads uninterrupted during successive utility network outages. A one-touch cold-start button powers up the UPS with battery power only.

Intuitive LCD Interface Delivers Important Performance Information at a Glance
The large five-inch touchscreen LCD panel displays critical operating conditions and diagnostic data, including battery and load status. Four LEDs provide information about AC, bypass, battery and fault status.

Remote Network Monitoring and Control Available 24 Hours a Day
The optional Java-free WEBCARDLXMINI network management card (sold separately) enables remote management through embedded HTML5 web, SSH/telnet and SNMP interfaces, as well as integration with a wide range of network management systems and DCIM platforms. WEBCARDLXMINI also supports EnviroSense2 (sold separately), which monitors temperature, humidity and other environmental factors. Three MODBUS ports (RS-485, USB, RS-232) may also be used to monitor and manage the UPS. A Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO) port allows shutdown from a safe distance during emergencies.

Parallel Capability Provides Additional Capacity
Connect up to four S3M10K2B units in parallel using separate/shared battery cabinets for 40kVA maximum capacity or N+N fault tolerance redundancy.

Caracteristicas Generales
  • Doble conversión (en línea)
  • 10 kVA 10000 W
  • Forma de onda: Onda sinusoidal pura
  • Torre Negro
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