FortiGate-80F-SOCaaS Nube Managed Log...

    FortiGate-80F-SOCaaS Nube Managed Log Monitoring Service


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    24/7 Managed Log Monitoring on the nube with FortiGate-80F-SOCaaS

    The FortiGate-80F-SOCaaS offers managed log monitoring at the nube to ensure the security of your systems. Requires FortiAnalyzer Cloud or FortiAnalyzer on-premises to send FortiGate logs to SOCaaS. If you opt for FortiAnalyzer Cloud, you'll get s the service for free. Maintain complete control of your records with this reliable and efficient service.

    FortiGate-80F-SOCaaS: 24x7 cloud-based managed log monitoring, incident tr

    FortiAnalyzer Cloud or on-prem FortiAnalyzer is required for forwarding FortiGate logs to SOCaaS.FortiAnalyzer Cloud is free if opted in.

    SOCaaS: 24x7 cloud-based managed log monitoring, incident triage and SOC escalation service
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