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    Targeted Attack Platform Kaspersky Latin America Plus Standard Edition


    $412,500,000 + IVA 19%
    The Kaspersky Targeted Attack Platform protects your business in Latin America. Enjoy the standard edition with advanced features. Start protecting yourself today!
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    The Kaspersky Targeted Attack Platform, Standard Edition, is the perfect solution to protect your business in Latin America. This advanced platform offers a wide range of security features and tools that allow you to detect and stop targeted attacks before they cause damage. With its powerful analytics engine and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, this platform ensures the protection of your sensitive data and the continuity of your business. In addition,s, the Plus edition includes additional features for even more s s protection. Don't risk your company's security, choose the Targeted Attack Platform Kaspersky, standard edition, and keep your business safe today!

    Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform Standard Latin America Edition Plus

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