Powerline Av Network
    Powerline Av Network

    Powerline Av Network


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    Tamaño Compacto Dos Unidades Del Dhp-308Av Velocidad Hasta 500Mbps (Homeplug Av) Un Puerto Lan 10/100Mbps Seguridad Aes De 128-Bits Soporta Modalidad De Ahorro Energético (Hasta Más Del 70%) Http://Www.Dlinkla.Com/Dhp-309Av Garantía: 12 Meses | Powerline Dhp-309Av Powerline

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    D-Link DHP-309AV adaptador y tarjeta de red Ethernet 200 Mbit/s

    Tarjetas de red

    Extend Your Network
    The D-Link® PowerLine AV+ Mini Adapter Starter Kit (DHP-309AV) extends your home network by transforming your existing electrical system into a powerful network.

    PowerLine AV + Speed and Coverage Advantages
    PowerLine AV+ technology maximizes performance to give speeds up to 35% faster than conventional PowerLine AV 200 adapters. Get up to 200Mbps speed delivered to any outlet in your home. This means you can watch videos, surf the Web or catch up on email in spots where you can’t get a good wireless signal. Plus, PowerLine AV+ gives you up to 20% better coverage than conventional PowerLine AV 200 adapters. This means fast speeds throughout your home.

    Just Plug and Connect
    Setup couldn’t be easier – just plug and connect. There’s no need for drilling holes or messy wiring. And if you want to build your network further, just plug and connect additional adapters.

    Great Design
    The compact and flat design doesn’t block other plugs in an outlet or protrude from the wall. It’s perfect for conserving space and power outlet capacity.

    Imagine the options
    With up to 20% better coverage than standard PowerLine AV 200 adapters, connect virtually anywhere.

    Caracteristicas Generales
    • Alámbrico
    • Enchufe Ethernet
    • 200 Mbit/s 10/100BaseT(X)
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