Servidor Lenovo SR650 ThinkSystem...
    Servidor Lenovo SR650 ThinkSystem...
    Servidor Lenovo SR650 ThinkSystem...
    Servidor Lenovo SR650 ThinkSystem...

    Servidor Lenovo SR650 ThinkSystem SR650 2U, 1xIntel Xeon Gold 5220 18C 125W 2.2GHz, 1x32GB 2Rx4, RAID 730-8i 2GB Flash PCIe 12Gb


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    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 es un servidor en rack 2U de 2 sockets ideal para pequeñas y grandes empresas que necesitan confiabilidad, administración y seguridad líderes en la industria, además de maximizar el rendimiento y la flexibilidad para el crecimiento futuro. El servidor SR650 está diseñado para manejar una amplia gama de cargas de trabajo, como bases de datos, virtualización y computación en la nube, infraestructura de escritorio virtual (VDI), aplicaciones empresariales, colaboración/correo electrónico y análisis de negocios y big data.

    THINKSYSTEM SR650 GOLD 5220 18C 2.2 32GB

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    Cantidad De Núcleos


    Velocidad Procesador

    2.2 GHz

    Memoria Ram

    12 GB
    32 GB

    Potencia De Salida

    125 W

    Capacidad De Disco Duro Gb

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    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 servidor Bastidor (2U) Intel® Xeon® Gold 2,2 GHz 32 GB DDR4-SDRAM 1100 W

    ThinkSystem | SR650 | Servidores

    For compute-intensive workloads
    For medium to large enterprises, and managed and cloud service providers, Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 is the optimum 2U, two-socket server—the most widely used server type worldwide. It’s engineered to deliver high performance with 205W CPUs, low-latency NVMe drives, and high-power GPUs.

    With Lenovo’s history of reliability, the highly flexible and configurable SR650 is the ideal platform for hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) or software-defined storage (SDS). It provides a solid foundation for: 1) transforming physical resources into services, using validated designs for hybrid cloud; 2) performing analytics on streaming data, using validated designs for Big Data; and 3) increasing productivity of virtualized transactional systems, using validated designs for OLTP databases.

    Versatile and scalable
    ThinkSystem SR650 incorporates up to two powerful Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family CPUs, with 27 percent more cores and twice the memory capacity of the previous generation server*. It supports two 300W high-performance GPUs and ML2 NIC adapters with shared management. Unique Lenovo AnyBay technology provides the flexibility to mix-and-match SAS/SATA HDDs/SSDs and NVMe SSDs in the same drive bays. Four direct-connect NVMe ports on the motherboard provide ultra-fast read/writes with NVMe drives and reduce costs by eliminating PCIe switch adapters. Plus, storage can be tiered for greater application performance, to provide the most cost-effective solution. Optional mirrored M.2 drives ensure reliability and quick OS initialization. SR650 also features 80 PLUS Platinum and Titanium PSUs, as well as continuous operation at 45°C, to reduce energy costs.

    Easily managed
    Lenovo XClarity Controller is an all-new hardware embedded management engine common in every ThinkSystem server. XClarity Controller features an uncluttered graphical user interface, industry standard Redfish-compliant REST APIs, and enables booting in half the time of prior generation servers, with up to 6x faster firmware updates.

    Lenovo XClarity Administrator is a virtualized application that centrally manages ThinkSystem servers, storage, and networking. Via reusable patterns and policies, it ramps up and scales infrastructure provisioning and maintenance. It serves as a central integration point to extend your data center management processes to physical IT. Running XClarity Integrators in external IT applications, or integrating through REST APIs, helps you further speed services provisioning, streamline IT management, and contain costs.

    Caracteristicas Generales
    • Intel® Xeon® Gold 5220 2,2 GHz
    • 32 GB 2666 MHz DDR4-SDRAM 1 x 32
    • Bastidor (2U) 1100 W
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