Deliver  timely solutions to SMEs with hardware and software  and  easy access to financing.


By 2025, to be the TOM for SMEs to supply their hardware and software needs through B2B e-commerce s in Latam.


Agility: quick solutions.  | Service: Customized  Solutions | Trust: Your Money Is Not Lost | Collaboration: Supported

Lasus in the newspaper El Colombiano. Lasus in the Forbes 40 . Lasus on the W radio. Lasus Bancolombia Ally

We are allies Puntos Colombia

We reward your loyalty.

For every 2,000 pesos bought in Lasus accumulates 1 point that can s redeemed in a large number of products and services.

Increase your company's competitiveness

Savings for your company

We aggregate buyer demand for volume discounts.

Purchasing Analysis

Detail how much, when, where, and what is being purchased from your company.

Purchasing Forecasting

Based on your consumption history, we calculate what your next order should be.

Broad Portfolio

Access more than s of 10 product categories for your business in one place.

Intelligent Order Forecasting

Based on your consumption history, we calculate what is the recommended order for this month, so that  you save time thinking about the products and units to order.

Save Time

Purchase Plan Detail

Identify what, when, how much, and who is buying in the organization. Make budget decisions based on history

Plan Purchases

Cost Center

        Budget- and product-controlled purchasing

Make the process easier

With the support of

Product added to compare.

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